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Daycare Programs

Learn With Me Daycare has chosen an engaging curriculum that stimulates the mind and body of every child. Our center uses the Creative Curriculum for infants, toddlers and preschoolers. This popular curriculum helps teachers understand developmentally appropriate practice and how to create daily routines and meaningful experiences that respond to children's strengths, interests, and needs.

We offer a wide variety or learning techniques that introduce children to their physical world, natural world, and social world. We explore these areas through music, art, outdoor play and many more.

Each age group has a daily routine schedule that is geared towards age appropriate activities and child's growth and development.

Infants (6 weeks-18 months)

More detailed information coming soon

​Woddlers (18 months-2.5 years)

​The woddler room consists of a lot of fun energy! Our little ones are always on the move whether they are dancing to music or exploring with blocks. During circle time we are counting, singing, and familiarizing ourselves with one another. We also dive into our creative side with plenty of arts and crafts projects. Even though we are busy bees, we do enjoy sitting down with a good book too!


Every day is a new and exciting adventure in our two's class. In our class, we have large group time along with structured small group activities. We learn through play. Each child is taught talents and skills to ensure they are getting the best education. We strive to ensure each child is hitting their milestones. Our children enjoy our routine we follow everyday all while having fun! 

Pre-K Three 


Our Preschool three-year-old classroom firmly believes in having an organized daily schedule for maximum success! We begin our day with breakfast followed by our morning bathroom break. Each bathroom break is designed to help potty train the children still learning to properly use the bathroom on their own. Upon returning to the classroom we jump right into circle time, which sets the pace, and direction our learning will go that day. After circle time we wash our hands, have snack, and break into our learning and play centers. Children are free to explore and pick which centers they would like to play in. We have 8 main centers to choose from: Library, Writing, Sensory, Dramatic Play, Blocks, Music, Art, and Manipulative. Following center play, the children enjoy the outdoors. After the children have fresh air we get ready for lunch. Prior to lunch we have another bathroom break, get cleaned up, wash our hands and sit at the carpet for story time. Next, we enjoy our lunches and take a nap. Immediately after nap we go the bathroom as a group one last time. We have snack and review what we learned that day. During dismissal, we enjoy the options of outside play, dance and movement, or center activities while waiting for parent pick up. We have such a fun and busy time, and it all starts again the next day!

​Pre-K Four

​Here at Learn With Me Daycare, we believe in individualized instruction for maximized learning. In our Pre-K/Kindergarten classroom, our students will learn life skills, beginner sight words, science, language arts and math at their pace!  I will evaluate each child's behavioral and social development along with physical health as per ECERS (Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale) guidelines and conduct activities according to Creative Curriculum requirements for a balanced program of instruction.

Before & After School (School-Aged)

We currently offer a before and after school program here at Learn with Me. Children enrolled in Grenloch, Hurffville and Chestnut Ridge can take the bus to and from school from our building. If your child(ren) are enrolled in a different school please reach out to discuss potential  arrangements. 

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